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Virtual Manipulatives - Algebra balance scales - Negatives

Fendy and I decided to choose this game under Algebra for grade 6-8. This game is known as Algebra balance scales – Negatives where we need to solve simple linear equations using a balance beam to represent it.
The aim is : to make sure the beam balance and the goal of course, is to get a single X-box on one side, regardless with however many unit blocks needed for balance, thus giving the value of X.
Rules of the game :
1. To drag objects that represent the x-box and a block on both sides of the beam until you got the beam balanced and thus represented the equations
2. we must leant that the blue x-box and blue block represent ‘positive’ values of x and values while reds the opposites.
3.we must follow the given equation by draging the blue and red x-boxes and blocks to both sides of the pan until the beam is balanced.
4. once the beam is balanced, then click continue to solve the next equation. Then the initial display shows the ADD option, but you may click on any of the other buttons, to SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, or DIVIDE. The only allowable operations require that you DO THE SAME THING TO BOTH SIDES of the beam.
5. Type in what you want to add to or subtract from both sides, and click the Go! button
6.We also can multiply or divide with whole numbers only if the operation can be done in whole numbers.
7. lastly, The equation is updated with each operation. When you have a single X-box on one pan and blocks on the other pan, the equation displays the solution.
it is an awesome and fun game to be explored espcially for the young children to learn and understand the concepts of Algebra balance scales – negatives by looking at the animation of how when we drag the objects following the equation allowing them to understand how the equation displays the solution everytime we keep on doing the four operations (add,subtract,multiply and divide) until we got the value of x.
It also enhance the children skills on thinking, visualizing,understanding the problems better through the animation and IT skills at thier finger tips.
If you want to try this game, you can try this at :

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